Mortgage Tips

Home Refinance Tips

Refinancing your home is essentially like taking out a second mortgage at a lower interest rate than offered by your existing mortgage loan. There are a number of reasons people refinance their home: lower interest rates, more financial freedom for necessary expenses like school situition... click for more !

Home Equity Loan Tips

If you are looking for a loan that offers a large amount of credit (upon qualification) and low interest rates, think about applying for a home equity loan. Besides low interest rates and large principal balances, home equity loans may offer something just as valuable... click for more !

Home Purchase Tips

On of the most important factors when you'rebuying a new home is securing the loan. But before you decide on the loan, you should decide on the lender. You want to look for a stable, established lender with a reputation for good service and customer satisfaction... click for more !

Debt Consolidation Loan Tips

A debt consolidation loan is a loan in which a borrower takes out one large loan to pay off all their other loans. This is acommon practice for those who are having problems keeping up with various payments on credit cards and bills... click for more !